Browser Pro 1.5 Beta Bug Log


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2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Option for Move Textures (Instead of Copy) on Export. (When you downloaded textures to your desktop from cgtextures or google)
Dan: I’m not a fan of programs deleting stuff – no matter if the user wants it to.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Implement the Proxy/GPU Cache functionality; See PDF send.
Dan: That’s somthing for an 2.x update. I want to release a christmas bundle again and this feature will take a lot of time to implement…

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI ) Search field for the Catagory pane.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Create a Tool, that is the Pivot To Floor on Steroids. To easily snap Pivots to all corners of an object. (for paintings,frames,lamps,etc)

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Function to import “SHADERS”, with the abilty to remove last imported shaders, if it’s not assigned to anything anymore – see mail somewhere.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI ) Maybe implement an option to choose between the the Mouse Over display (use the old blue border or Enlarge Pictogram)

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI ) Implementation of HOTKEYS in the SLIB Browser.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -UI) Maybe give a clearer explanation of the Menu Functions in the Status Line, when you mouse over them.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -LIGHTS) Needs a IES pictogram in the “LIGHTS” Shelf to go to IES lights. Or a full “IES” Mode

2016 – 10 – 26  (IDEA -SEARCH)I think you should add a option/ shortcut (like the CTRL + Click) To do a search in the complete Library.

2016 – 10 – 26  (IDEA -COPY/PASTE)  If you Copy and paste something in the same directory, shouldn’t you just call the Duplicate command?
Even if the users does it like that. (No need to give an error, but maybe you have a good reason for it)

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -META) Include the file size in the Meta data too?

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) The Ability to Filter based on MAYA version and especially RENDER ENGINE. <—–

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Add right click option , “OPEN IN SLIB”. To go to the Folder where a Asset/shader has been found in the SLIB BROWSER.
So when I search my whole Library for “Cupcake” it find it, but there I no easy way for me to find out where, this Cupcake actually resides in my Library.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Autofocus to textfields when changing TABS (Note/Name)

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Upfollowing selections by using Shift “5” to “13” – Selects 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Making a External Window, that has a list of Keywords, that the user can create himself. And then can easily add “TAGS” from this list to Assets. (like Bridge functionality)

2016 – 11 -03 (Reference Behavior ) : In a new version we need to take a look at how the reference come in and get duplicated. (reminder to myself! -KOR, this has to do with Maya acting strange with References, when more then 50 come in.)


2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Remember scale and rotation vectors of last object. When creating a new instance, and click somewhere, it will be rotated the same way and have the same scaling. This scaling should be based uppon the orginal bounding box scale. So query the orginal bounding box scale, and then scale it up by * factor or down.

2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Set IPT Tool to “`” or “~” keyboard shortcut.

2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Create a “45?” degree Angle Snap for rotating objects. (Shift + Left mouse click?)

2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Ability to Lock IPT to only one Mesh. (For scattering plants and Trees)

 2016 – 11 -03 (Optimalization) Maya slows down extremely when alot of Instances come in, adding them in a display layer and setting them to Boundig Box Mode, or hiding them, speeds things up again.

 2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) Random Scatter or normal Paint Scatter Brush with Multiple or single Objects (combine spPaint3D Tool functionality with Multiple Selection in SLIB Browser)

 2016 – 11 -03 (Bug – META) Meta Tags have a Time offset of 1 or 2 hours from the orginal maya file. (how the hell?!?! :-p)

  2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) Remove the Size Meta field from the “PARTS” where they don’t belong, it should only show up in the “OBJECTS”

2016 – 11 -03 (Question) Would it be smarter to have a option to just recalculate the bounding box, so that manual changes to the meta data would not get lost?

2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) Query if the scene is empty (default maya nodes) if it is, don’t ask if you saved your work. Just continue.

 2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) Implement other file formats like alembic and fbx, see what we should do with obj?

 2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) Maybe create a batch OBJ exporter in the future, and remove OBJ option altogether for the rest of the SLIB

2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) There is a Maya bug in 2016 that Exports OBJ files with a default name of Mesh or Surface or something.

 2016 – 11 -07  (BUG – HDRI/UI) EXR Files come out really dark in the image preview and asset library.

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – Render / Redshift) When assigning Materials to an object and rendering with IPR,  sometimes rendering stops. and sometimes it freshes.

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – Render) Update 2: Batch Rendering is working a lot better, add a right list menu, that holds different starting positions for the camera.

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – Render) Run a second filter search, that runs after the normal search has been done. To filter your search result to a specified Render Engine. (Faster than searching through all meta data files)

2016-11-07 (META -Option) Maybe re-import the functionality that a meta-search also shows results, when not all Meta tags have been found in a search.

2016-11-07 – (Function – IPT) Keep  rotation and scale value of previous instance, so you can really quickly place chairs, untill user resets to default value.

2016 – 11 -08 (UI – ) : Would something like Nice Display or something like that be good to implement? Like Maya has in the channelbox, where “_” get replaced by a space, for visual purposes.

2016 – 11 -08 (UI- Scroll) When renaming something, the scrollbar goes all the way back up to the top, maybe there is a way to stay at the current scroll location?

2016 – 11 -08 (UI) When you have an object called “myfIrstSHader” you are not able to rename it to “myFirstShader”. Because it sees it as the same string.

2016 – 11 -08 (Idea – Textures) Idea for the Textures, if you double click on a texture, it will automatically assign the texture to the shader of an object.  (only if the selected object has one of the Main Shaders (VrayMat, RedshiftMat, etc), Right Click gives you options to set it in a different channel. Maybe we can do something with the meta tags, to set what kind of texture it is. for Example, in the meta date set it to Normal Map. if you double click it then it will be automaticly set as a file node in the normal map channel.

2016 – 11 -08 (Idea – Marking Menus) I’m not sure about this, but would maya Pie marking menus for the right click menu’s of the catalogue be quicker? than the normal right click menu, that we are using now?

2016 – 11 -08 (Idea  –  Metarize) Maybe a Metarize All? (Metarizes all objects that are currently have no or still using the Info/dim. For users updating from 1.4 to 2.0, just one click converts the whole library to 2.0 format.

2016 – 11 -08 (Meta) The ability to find / filter Assets on /after creation date, this is especially handy when making backup’s and seeing what has been added after my last-backup.

2016 – 11 -08 (Meta) When you mouse over an object, and wait for a sec or something, use this mouse over pop-up info to show more data about the Asset/Metadata.

2016 – 11 -08 (Shader – Libraries) Use only one directory for “Shader Packs”, so the “metal_vray” and “metal_redshift” would both just use one directory called “metal_dgdm”. Also the question is, if you/we want to sell shader packages. Shouldn’t we just sell them as one package? So “Metal” would include Metal shaders for “Vray,Redshift,Arnold”. If first you only support Redshift and at a later moment we build them up or convert them to “Vray” a user gets a license to use those too. This is kind of what everybody does with those model packs, one pack/ 7 applications to use them in.

2016 – 11 -08 (Projects) Link to Project – I’m still not 100% clear what the best way to go is when, adding objects to the SLIB Browser, the SLIB browser is now my central point for all my 3D models and Shaders. But I don’t really want to include all my project files in the asset folder / SLIB Library. I was thinking that maybe we could implement something to go to the project directory somewhere outside the SLIB Library. Like a Meta tag that can be clicked or something that opens the path to my Project files, with all the files of that specific asset/project. (It’s not really for now, but maybe it’s something for a later version)

2016 – 11 -08 (Remetarize) When you re-metarize an object, it should maybe not overwrite the “Renderer”. (if you manually set this for objects) or maybe add this somewhere in the overal “preferences”

2016 – 11 -08 (IPT – Meta) The Technique of the IPT tool and Import is based on the ROOT metatag, if there are multiple objects in your library that have the exact same Root Name, strange things will happen. (Maybe create a search function that sees if there are “doubles”. or also take the full path in consideration somehow.

2016 – 11 -08 (IPT – Bounding Box) Maybe we can think of something for the pivot point, this pivot of the bounding box is always in the middle, but with paintings and stuff you sometimes have it on top or in the bottom.  especially when you need a couple of paintings next to each other you can not easily snap them to the same height. also the point where the screw that holds the painting is where the pivot point is located and where the click should probably place the painting.

2016 – 11 -08 (IPT – Bounding Box) For paintings and stuff that should be snapped to vertical walls, it’s imported that an object is exported facing the Y axis. So all your “vertical” objects are now exported rotated. But if a user does not use the IPT tool, and does a normal import. It needs to be manually rotated back again. Maybe we can think of something, like add a meta-tag that says “Rotated = Yes”. if it is, rotate it back when doing a normal import.

2016 – 11 -08 (Scale Factor) Add an option in the Shelf off the “OBJECTS” to set the Scale factor (.1 /1/2.54/10). If this is turned on, the object gets imported automatically with this scaling factor applied.

2016 – 12-01 (IPT) Change the IPT : Duplicate object in scene option, to preortize itself above the Asset selected in the Browser, if you shift re-click on the object in the scene it will go back to “Browser Asset”. or when a user shift + clicks in emptiness. We could also add that re-clicking something in the browser will also re-preortize that above the in scene selected object.

2016-12-01 (IPT – BUG ) Placing a “NEW” object in the scene, with IPT by clicking somewhere in the set. it will create the orange bounding box, if you then pull your mouse in to emptiness, the user is left with the Orange Bounding box in the scene. This should be deleted or the instance should be placed on the last location where the hit detection was.

2016-12-01 (IPT – BUG ) Orange boundig box is flying towards the camera, because the raycast detects itself. and so gets placed ontop of itself.

2016-12-01 (IPT – VP2 BUG) There is a bug that makes it impossible to place assets on objects in the scene, we should think of a solution that makes this problem for the user as small as possible: Options are Hiding other objects or Reference the object that gets detected.

2016-12-01 (MarkingMenuCreation) A python commands that deselects everything in the Browser itself, this should be added in a MM

2016-12-01 (IPT – BUG ) When using the Select object in scene and duplicate it in the scene, you need to select the “original” mesh, because otherwise it will add the suffix on a suffix on a suffix and so on.

2016-12-01 (UI ) Change Duplicate/Rename/Copy –> Cut / Copy / Duplicate / Rename and change “Move- and Copy to folder” To Paste in Folder.

2016-12-01  (Renderer) When you switch the renderer in the Browser, it should automatically “upgrade” the “SLIB_Dome” To the corresponding Render Engine. So a Redshift Dome wil Switch to a Vray dome, etc (It would be nice if the rotation and stuff would stay the same, but this is just an extra)

2016-12-01  (UI – BUG ) When creating a new Catagory in the Root of a Library, it wil create a _SUB folder there, in that _SUB folder it will place the by the user created “FOLDER”.  (every folder outside the root works perfectly)

2016 – 10 – 26 (BUG -EXPORT) On both my systems when you create a  primitive or a light. it gives this error “ PLEASE SELECT SOMETHING!” when doing a export. (when you reselect the thing it works) <– Still existing, had History off, that’s why it wasnt showing.

2016-12-01  (UI – BUG ) When copying an Asset, that is already existing in that folder (with the same name) Maya will Crash and Burn.

2016-12-01  (IPT – Optimalization) Change the IPT Shift + Middle click, to Scale things, to “Move objects with the rotation and scale locked”. Think of an option to change the “Rotation” to “Scale” and back again.

2016-12-01  (UI) Add an option to “Open in Maya [ ]” If the user clicks this option box, it will not close the current scene, but will start a new Maya session and open it up there. 

2016-12-01 (UI) If you remove a Catagory in a Catagory, the Catagory List Will close the “Hierarchy” down. So the Folder is still selected in there, but it’s not visible. (you need to unfold the parent categories again in  category list, to know where you are )

2016 – 12 – 01 (BUG – UI) Docking the Browser is not saved correct, also gives an error message

2016-12-01 (UI – IDEA) MODO Asset manager has: Colors “MODE”, Profiles “MODE” and a “Utilities MODE”

2016-12-01 (UI – IDEA) Use Polycount information or create a Path Attribute on every object that gets imported, to have an extra value to check if an item is unique.

2016-12-01 (UI – IDEA) See how far a batch process is completed, by using text or visual cue (The Processbar, changing to a different color? when doing Batch)

2016-12-01 (META) Add a META data , that holds the version it was Metarized / this can be used to see if the current asset is compatible with the latest version of the Browser

2016-12-01 (META) Add a displacement META tag to shaders? If a “Shader” has it and gets imported, it will notify the user, or even change some settings in the mesh?

2016-12-01 (BATCH) Dissable all unnecessary “plugins” when starting a BATCH? Would probably speed up batch rendering tremendously.

2016-12-01 (Metarize) And an option box to the Metarize function, so the user can choose what Meta data gets re-calculated again.

2016-12-01 (Install) And an option for the user to create a “NEW Library” structure somewhere on a by the user selected location. (So we would have New/Existing/Default). I’m still a little bit sceptic about the “Default” option and think “New” is a smarter way to go 🙂 but oke haha

2016-12-01 (Marking Menu) Create a Marking Menu, that holds almost all the tools that are existing the SLIB Browser. And combine it with the package.

2016-12-01 (UI) Maybe add a Cool Logo to the Install window, when a user activates the plugin for the first time.

2016-12-01 (UI) Add a window that holds all the Python Commands. That users can quickly select those and add them to shelf buttons or to marking menu’s.

2016-12-01 (UI) You already made the IPT and Material Picker to be “Tools” Can we add “Tool Specific Options” to the “Tools panel” like every real Maya tool has? If this is possible and want to take this even a step further: in Maya if you click CTRL + SHIFT + Right click, will show you all the options of a specific TOOL in a Marking Menu. This would by far be the nicest option for the SLIB “Tools” to be implemented. I think it’s worth the time to figure it out.

2016-12-01 (UI) Add an option in the right click menu to view images in a Image Viewer like Fcheck. Booting Photoshop is freaking slow…. 😮

2016-12-01 (Vray Converter) Add an option to keep original name (no mat_to_rs), Option 2: Automaticly remove the Vray Shaders. (Should be options in the window)

2016-12-01 (UI) Extract Shaders from Assets, and save them as a separate file in the folder structure, this would technically make it possible to have one piece of geo, and 5 different shaders for different renderers. all stored in a [Mat] directory. or something in that direction

2016-12-01 (HDRI – UI) Add a Sunlight/Directional Light in the HDRI, maybe with some soft shadows set. That the user can place and rotate, maybe also scale it up, so that it is easier to select.

 2016-12-01 (BUG – Snapshot Framing) When there is animation on the Timeline, it will snap the camera back to frame 1 i think, maybe we can add an option to first select all cameras in the scene and put all the attributes (or atleast the transform attributes to “MUTE”) This will ignore it, when grabbing a snapshot.

2016-12-01 (BUG – Snapshot Framing) when you double click on the “Use Snapshot Cam”, while in IPR rendering mode. The Aspect Ratio of your Render View gets f*cked. Maybe double clicking the “Use Snapshot Cam”, should restart the IPT, with the correct resolution.
Double clicking again, should do the opposite.

2016-12-01 (IDEA – Tools) Add the functionality of a script called “Texture-Robot” to the Slib Library. It’s a must have tool, for quickly creating shader networks, that can be assigned to your assets. And then be imported in to the Library.

2016-12-01 (IDEA – UI)When clicking on notes and Meta, the Export Objects button and the Catagory view, automatically snap to the bottom of the UI, so it’s much easier to read. When going back to name, the thing snaps back to the original position.

2016-12-01  (IDEA – IPT) An option to set the IPT tool (in the Tool Settings) to not look at the main parent but to the direct transform. I think this can come in handy alot.

2016-12-01  (IDEA – Shaders) Add a Attribute to all the shaders that get imported via the SLIB browser, this way you can TAG what has come in via the Browser and what was alredy in the scene. You could then just delete them with a function

2016-12-01  (IDEA – Meta) Add a Meta Attribute, that the User can Set when using Textures, So you can set this texture is a “Normal Map” this at a later moment could be really useful in scripts.

2016-12-01  (IDEA – HDRI) Add a button that creates a  ground plane and a shadow catcher. And rename it correctly. This makes it super easy for users to make nice renders with some shadows. (also makes nicer thumbnail renders)

2016-12-01  (MAT Picker) Assign a Selected Material, to Multiple selected Objects. So select 5 objects, shift click somewhere to query the shader, and the click on one of the objects in the group to assign them to all.

2016-12-01  (UI – Textures) Multi Import multiple Textures, in the Texture module,  if the Texture belongs to a Texture Set (Maybe use the _suffix name)  to see if it belongs to a set.

2016-12-01 (META) Add User to Meta Data (Maybe create a list of Names that the user can Choose from, from an External File?)

2016-12-01 (IMPORT) When Importing Objects, that have the exact same shader, we can maybe think of something, that it will also re-use that shader. I don’t know how we could do something like that, but it would give a much cleaner “Import”

2016-12-01 (UI)  When the Browser is docked to the left, Maybe there is a easy way to “Mirror” the location of the Preview and Catagory to the left.

2016-12-01 (UI)  Add an option to Toggle the UI back in it’s original State. (I also figured out that you can go in to minimize mode, where the user only sees the Assets, and no longer the right row.(maybe bind this behaviour to a button?)





(IDEA – UI ) Do you still think the /Duplicate/Copy/Paste/Delete should be in this menu? I don’t really see a need for it. When you have already have it as  right mouse options. – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(IDEA – UI ) Maybe add a : 96  Resolution option to the list  – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(IDEA – UI ) When a Library has been changed, it should clear the objects/shader/etc panel (It now doesn’t refresh automatically, shows the old objects). – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(IDEA – UI ) remove the IPT / FREEZE / Move Object to Origin: Icons from the SHADER/LIGHTS/TEXTURES Categories  . – Dan: fixed 

(IDEA – UI ) Remove the small arrow next to the thumbnails  . – Dan: fixed 

(IDEA – UI ) Is it hard to run the Auto Fit Collums, before you start the SLIB browser  . – Dan: Implemented 

(FUNCTION – UI ) Ability to have multiple Libraries and ability to Change/Switch Library to different directory.  . – Dan: Implemented 

(IDEA – UI ) Deleting or adding a category via context menu  . – Dan: Implemented 

(IDEA – FUNCTION) Would it maybe be an idea to manually be able to change the renderer from a dropdown list or something or run a function to regenerate the whole META data file (After you did some changes to a file, or you forgot to set the Renderer correctly.)

(IDEA – UI) Replace “SHADER”, “OBJECT”, “LIGHTS”,”TEXTURES”,”PATHS” for smaller pictograms, So that there is room voor “SCENES”, “DYNAMICS” en “FAVORITES”.

(IDEA – UI) Implement same rename behavior as maya has in Hypershade (query asset name and make it selected)

(IDEA – UI) Set MB as default value for Export.

(IDEA – UI) add option: Name from Selected Asset in Name Menu

(IDEA – UI) Search for filename only and option to search for filename + meta.

(IDEA – UI) Add visual cue / Show search progression in the progression Bar.

(IDEA – UI) Add individual update options for different Meta Tag options

(IDEA – UI) Multiple Select Objects and change all selected Meta Tags and Notes at once.

(IDEA – UI) Add Maya hardware 1.0 and 2.0 as supported render engines in Meta list

(IDEA – UI) Overall META tags optimalizions and workflow improvements.

(IDEA – UI) Implement the IPT tool as a Maya Tool, so that you can switch back to it by clicking the Y button.

(IDEA – META) Read the Render Engine out from the File? (Is this Correct?)

(IDEA – UI) Implement basic right click functionality and put in the SLIB Shelf (Yuckie :-p)

(IDEA – UI) Refresh notes when metarize has been run

(IDEA -UI – CATAGORY) Would it be possible to open a Category, by double clicking or even single clicking on the field, so that you don’t need to push the small arrow. (to expand it)

(IDEA – UI) Place HDRI dome in Layer, Set it to Reference, and lock the X and Z of the Transform, so that the user can only rotate the dome. Also add a button that switches it to rotation mode. and a delete button.

(IDEA – UI) Add overlay on Preview Image, that shows the Render-Engine.(Queried from Meta data file)

(IDEA – UI) Toggle on AntiAliasing and set it to the max of 16 Samples when doing a screengrab. Then toggle it back to the previous set value. To get higher quality Screengrabs

(IDEA – IPT) Also let the IPT work for objects that are already in the set. Just click on an object in the viewport and then the IPT functionalities will work for it. (scaling/placing/rotation)

(IDEA – IPT) Implement Help Menu Item, with a Help and a About field.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Auto refresh default Maya Renderview when import from the SLIB Browser has been detected.

2016 – 10 – 26  (IDEA -LIGHTS) Needs HDRI dome pict. in the “Shelf” to quickly switch HDR images, like you have in SLIB VPR (The best imp. of a HDRI toggle for Maya is HDRSets  (

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Add a Help menu item to the menu bar (That can link to youtube/website/etc).

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Notify user that there is a Note available for the selected asset. (we talked about a *, but now with the new UI-layout this isn’t the best way to go)

2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Create a shortcut for deleting last placed IPT instance (Ctrl + Left mouse click?)

2016 – 11 -03 (PATHS ) Change/Set Texture directories to new path without the need for first deleting the textures, to be able to re-locate them. (see mail for more details)

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – UI) When chosing “Update Renderer” it should automatically refresh “Image Preview Logo” now you first need to click on a different asset. To see the change.

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – UI)  Hide domelight temporarily when grabbing image from viewport.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -UI) Give a Notification that the SLIB Browser can Only Rename one object at a time? (or think of something more advanced for multi rename) 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -CATEGORY) Remove Library from List option? 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -UI) Personally I think you should switch the button behavior, the left click should make you switch between existing libraries the right click should make you select a new one) 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) I like the abilty to hide the META/NAME/NOTE Block by sliding, but would it also be possible to slide it all the way to the bottom so you can see everything?(like a 2 step slide) 1st step: is the open state you have now, and second slide is completely over the Library block.
(I think this would be especially handy when you have a lot of META information or a lot of NOTES.) 

 2016 – 10 -26 (BUG) : Import not keeping imported object selected. (First object imported in scene does come in selected) <–

2016 – 11 -03 (UI ) Overlay a render Engine Pictogram on top of the Thumbnails. (Maybe also show the file type) – See Mail for More visual representation of this idea 

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – UI)  Change the behaviour of the “view snapshot” menu entry, to make the “Render Preview Image” and “Playblast Preview Image” to first go in snapshot mode, to easily create the composition. if you push it for a second time it starts rendering or grabs the shot. (Resolution gate / Gate Mask / Gate opacity 1 / Gate color Black / Overscan 2.0). 

2016 – 11 -07  (UI) Add a Select Single HDRI/EXR file and add it to the library. (Instead of multiple) 

2016 – 11 -07 (UI – Meta) : Just leave the META tag empty instead of “N/A”. 

2016 – 11 -08 (UI – Big Preview) Single clicking the big preview window, should probably close the “Bigger Preview Window”, when it’s showing. 

2016 – 11 -08 (Shopping/Download) Create the Download directories, when the user uses the shopping cart function for the first time. When the user tries to create a category in the root called “Download” manually give a error message that this category name has been reserved for SLIB functionality. Also somewhere in the menu create a button to remove the “Download” Catagory, this would only work if it’s empty. otherwise give an error warning “You still have assets placed in your download catagory, please copy them to the desired location, before deletion is possible”. Same kind of message would appear when they try to manually delete this directory. 

2016 – 11 -08 (Bug –  Duplicate/Rename) When duplicating an object with texture maps, SLIB Browser will just close your scene without any warning. “Renaming or duplicating this object will close your current scene, do you want to proceed or whatever the message is we use now :-p”   – Auto Repath Textures.. should be turned off if you prefer this behaviour.. Dan

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – FUNCTION) Delete unused Shader Nodes (Maya Hypershade Functionality) to Pictogram in “SHADERS”. 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -META) For the list of Meta Things: Maybe add “Proxy” Meta field? For When the proxy/gpu cache thing gets implemented. 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Grey-out Generate Preview Image (If version is released before function it working)

2016 – 10 -26 (BUG/UI) : Remove OBJ from option in Shader/Lights/Texture Block. (Just see per block what Export options should be visible. 

2016 – 10 – 26 ( BUG – RENDER) When Render Preview Image with software Render you get this error : (// Error: line 1: No window found. //) but it does grab the image. 

2016 – 11 -08 (UI) When starting up the SLIB Browser and your renderer is set to “Software” you get an error notification twice. Maybe you should notify the user once and then more like “To use all functionality of the SLIB Browser, it’s recommended to switch your renderer to Vray/Redshift/Etc”. Do you want me to notify again? NO/YES –> Remember Setting. 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -UI) I still believe that showing Folders/Categories straight in the objects/shader panels is the way to go.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Possibility to open the Category in File Browser from right Mouse click in the Empty thumbnail space.

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI ) Add Create “Catagory” in the main Panel of the SLIB Browser. (The same as you have in the Catagory Panel”)

2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) Right click on Back button should have an option to take you back to the root.

2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) The Ability to copy or paste objects in folders in the Browser, without the need to open them first.

 2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) Display Folders and add the ability to Navigate through folders structured straight in the Browser, without the use to need the Catagory List.

  2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) Ctrl + Left Click on a small thumbnail, will open the Bigger Preview Window. 

   2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) If the bigger preview window is open and the user clicks on a different shader it will show a bigger preview of that one.

   2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) Remove open folder automatically when one is created.

   2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – UI ) Change render engine, in the Browser itself. (We can also add some abilities to it then, when switching from one renderer to the other, to change like the SLIB dome to the correct node type)

    2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – Install) Rethink the “Package”: Break the Library loose from the “Core” files. Let the user only paste the SLIB + folder in the Plugins directory.

  2016 – 12 – 01 (IDEA – Install) Remove the manual changing of the python file. And do this automaticly on first install. When user activates the “Plug-in” and no library has been installed, it will ask the user to select eh Library.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) If no _SUB directory is found in a category, automatically create it.  (For Libraries from older Browser versions)

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) When doing a “BATCH” session, do it in the background, so that the user can still use Maya. When doing this BATCH, change the pictogram to a “Green Clock”.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Set the default settings of the FT/DH/OS to be true.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Lock picotgram in the Thumbnail Grabber has blue borders, when selected.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Use “Renderer” Meta-data, for the Batch Thumbnail generateor. So you do not longer need to manually change the renderer all the time. And have the ability to render shaders from different renderers without any problems

2016 – 12 – 01 (Batch Render) Correctly set the “VRAY render scene” to also bake in the Gamma to a value of 2.2

2016 – 12 – 01 (Vray Shaders) Set Vray shaders to color no alpha. Otherwise the Image Previews colors get Dull.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Remove Shopping Card from the Toolsbar menu.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Remove the option to disable instance renaming. It should just always do that.

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Remove the Pivot to Floor from the TOols Menu

2016 – 12 – 01 (UI) Remove the “Copy Tex to Project Folder” this should not be done automaticly, will leave enormous amounts of clutter in your project, can be done at the end of a session the the PATH tools, “Send to Project”.

2016-12-01 (UI – Library) You can now easily change Libraries, and remove them from the list, Removing won’t delete the data in it, it will only remove it from the list of “saved” Libraries.

2016-12-01 (UI – Toolbar) The Toolbar should be removed to the bottom of the SLIB browser, so that it won’t interfere with the “real important” functions.

2016-12-01 (UI – Toolbar) Create a Tool, that can query shaders of an object under the selected Raycast. We could then Re-assign that shader to other objects, by raycasting it to other objects.

2016-12-01 (UI – Toolbar) Create a function that can query objects of the same type (by selecting objects that have the same polycount)

2016-12-01 (Image Grabber) Set the Redshift Renderer to setAttr “redshiftOptions.renderTwoPassesForDenoising” 1; in pre-mel script

2016-12-01 (Tools) Add an option to disable thumbnail rendering. (This can help speed things up in Maya when using big textures)

2016-12-01 (Tools – TEXTURES) Change File Node, By clicking on a Texture in the “Textures” Module, if a Texture gets clicked and a File node is selected it will just change the path of the File Attribute

2016-12-01 (Import HDRI/TEXTURES) User can now Select all HDRI’s in a FOlder, or select them individually. (Ctrl + A Select all)

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA – UI) Ability to single click in empty space to clear selection. Double Click to select All. 

2016 – 10 – 26 (IDEA -UI) Maybe assign the F2 button as a shortcut to the rename function. 

2016 – 11 -03 (IPT ) : Add info panel, that shows all keyboard combinations for IPT. (See Mail how Substance Painter implemented it) 







(BUG – RENAME) If you rename something the same name as an already existing object, BOEM! Maya goes down. – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(BUG – EXPORT) I don’t think the Export to Custom Tex Folder is working here. Can you try there? – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(BUG – EXPORT) I do sometimes get this error: (I think it’s happening when you first export it with a relative path and then try to export it again with a Absolute path). – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

(BUG – SEARCH) The search field is able to search an empty string, should probably give an error or just do nothing. When clearing the search field,
it searches for that empty string, and thus doesn’t show anything. (Search for glass in the Shaders, and then push Clear. It will give you an empty thumbnail panel)

When searching for a “Fsdsdada” and then Clearing it doesn’t refresh, and show everything again.  – Dan: fixed in BETA 18

( BUG – IMPORT)  Reuse Existing Asset as Instance is no longer working

 ( BUG – IMPORT)  Use Number Suffix acts a little strange:

Set it to Off and Try it with the Bowl from your Assets,  The first import is Called Mesh, the second one is Called Bowl_Mesh, and the third one is called Bowl_Mesh1
And put it back ON  and then continue to keep importing.


 (BUG – IMPORT ) : Re-use Existing Asset (Instance) is no longer functioning. (Reuse Existing Shader is working just fine)

 (BUG ) : Maya not shutting down correctly.

 (BUG ) : JPG images from external source not showing up as Thumbnail

 (BUG ) : Importing Multiple Instances in to the set, would parent these instances in other objects, instead of the Root.

 (BUG – ) : Notify user that You first need to copy something before it can be pasted.

 (BUG – ) : SLIB overwrites Note info, if you metarize more than once.

 (BUG – ) : SLIB Browser Grabs a image in Linear Space, while it should be captured with a 2.2 gamma (SRGB)

 (BUG – ) : Automatically query the correct Maya version and cast in to the Meta field.

 (BUG – ) : There is some Nasty aliasing in preview window.

 (BUG – ) : If there is already an MA file of an asset and you save the same asset again, but then as a *.MB, it will create a duplicate asset with different extension. (Not considered the same asset)

 (BUG – ) : SLIB hates Displacement Nodes being connected to Shading Group nodes.

 (BUG – IPT ) : Problems with IPT objects being cast uppon themselfs, so that they would come flying towards the camera position.

(Bug – SHADERS) SLIB Browser Hates shaders that have a Displacement Shader in its Shading Engine /group node. Metarize gets broke and more strange things

 2016 – 10 -26 (Bug) : Notify somewhere in the FAQ that when using REDSHIFT you need to push the “Render Preview Image” Twice. (because of GPU)

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – Redshift) See if you can use the Post – Render – Mel option, in the render globals for quering if the render has finished. So it’s time to grab the Image from the Framebuffer.
Kornelis: “We used the “Render Two Passes For Denoising” option, in the render settings. To be sure Maya completely finishes the render before it grabs it to SLIB Frame buffer.

2016 – 11 -08 (IPT) Acts a little strange / sees-through Alpha-maps / Transparent Objects, do we want to do something with this in the documentation, or do we want to search for some kind of solution?

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – Vray – Dome) Toggle the “Use Transform” to True, in the VrayPlaceEnvTex. Also put SLiB_ prefix in front of it, to keep it organized. (Otherwise Rotating the Dome wont work)

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – IPT) In some cases the IPT crashes. Untill this point, i think it has to do with the shaders that are assigned to an object that gets imported (Probably vray) Needs more research to say precisely.

2016 – 10 – 26 (BUG – SHADERS)Refractive Shaders (Redshift) are not correctly pathed C:\. 

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – IPT) : If you click with IPT and the raycast sees nothing it will give an error, maybe clean this up a little or give a nice notification in the SLIB Browser.

 2016 – 12 – 01 (BUG- Duplicate) If an object gets moved or duplicated and “Repathed” it will get an Absolute path even if it was originaly exported with a “Relative Path”.

 2016 – 12 – 01 (BUG – Renaming) If a object gets imported from the SLIB Browser, it does strange things to the name, has to do with the Suffix being off.

2016 – 12 – 01 (BUG – Renaming) If no HDRI dome is in the scene and you click the rotate or delete dome button, you will get an error message. if no asset has been selected and you press [PS] give a feedback message.

2016 – 12 – 01 (BUG – IPT) With the IPT tool, only look at shape nodes that are directly connected to the transform node, other “deformer” shapes should be ignore. This will fix alot of problems with the IPT>




 2016 – 10 -26 (EXTRA) : Create a quick Photoshop overlay / JPG image that has all the names of the different UI parts. So that we use the same terms from now on for “Elements”.

2016 – 10 -26 (HELP) : Notify somewhere in the FAQ how the user should enter tags / how to search for Multiple Tags, (maybe add an option to add , and remove them in the search itself)

2016 – 10 -26 (HELP) : Notify users that the SLIB Browser resaves files when they don’t have a shading Engine.

2016 – 11 -07 (BUG – IPT) Not really a bug, but something to be aware of. If the user has not frozen it’s transforms when exporting, the IPT will show a different size Orange Bounding box, than what gets imported.